Eyebat Statblock for 5e!

Eye see you!!!! Muahahahahaha!

Whipped up a quick statblock for this guy and he took on a different feel. So I took the statblock for a Nycoloth and tweaked it slightly to fit the aesthetic. And here it is for your party killing pleasure! Custom minis rule!


Fun was had by all!

Stranded in the 5th layer of Baator, the party needed a way to escape. They were starting to make a deal with a Rakshasa named Gilchrist when all hell broke loose. Some of Geryon’s Minotaur henchmen came to try and capture the party. Thanks to some not-so clever strategic placement of terrain pieces by yours truly, the party managed to create a bottleneck and absolutely decimate the group of Minotaur.

They were headed to the docks with Gilchrist to attempt to chase a lead when they encountered an old friend with a newly acquired flying pirate ship!

On their way to the Brightmarsh, where the realm of Ankhwugaht is said to exist, they encountered a flying Eyebat which they made quick work of using the cannons aboard the ship!

That night, amid a relaxing atmosphere, Aku the rogue vanished! His magic Foe Finder cube all that remains.

It was then that the captain of the ship let the party in on a secret – the ship had more upgrades than just the ability to fly!

When they arrived at their new destination, trying to find a way to help their missing ally, they realized they may have gotten more than they bargained for – a trip to the City of Doors – Sigil!

We had a great time and I hope we can get together again sooner rather than later.

The Giant Eyebat mini was made with a ping pong ball as the eye, the wings and tail from a Reaper Bones Rauthuros Demon mini (click here if you’d like to purchase the demon mini and help support the channel!), and the base from a WizKids mini. The monster was basically a reskinned Nycaloth demon, which made it super easy to use without much prep, since the encounter was decided on the fly (pun absolutely intended!).

Here’s the stat lock for the beastie. It was simple to make, just a redlined Nycaloth demon as I mentioned.

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TDM#10 – Yup, we’re making dungeon tiles

For this weeks episode I show you how I assemble my Hirst Arts molded dungeon tiles! The techniques are simple but the intro was not! XD

What type of dungeon tile do you prefer? Hirst Arts? 2.5d DM Scotty and DMG Style? Black Magic Craft XPS Foam? Or something different? Let me know what you think!

How I write an adventure

Men have gone missing in the town of [wherever]. They are drugged, captured, and forced to fight for their freedom. They are being killed in an underground fight club run by a Beholder calling himself “The Chairman.”

The fights are rigged and he is making a killing on the bets.

One thing he didn’t count on – one of his combatants surviving after being dumped in the river. No one in the town has been brave enough to step forward and offer a way to put an end to the slaughter.

Pleading his case with anyone who will listen, most have dismissed him as a kook spinning up tails. He regularly gets himself ejected from inns and taverns, a used up drunk. Not even his wife and children want anything to do with him – he has been too consumed with drink and with his “tales” to pay them enough mind.

The club resides in an abandoned area of the underground causeway beneath the city. Basically the sewers, near an outlet that is now disused. It would make a perfect means of sneaking into the causeway but it is treacherous.

The safer method but perilous still, would be to somehow get “invited” to the club.

Rumor has it that the wealthy of a certain caste in the city are invited automatically.

Of course, though heavily guarded, there is always the front door – the old Aquifer beneath the graveyard!

This is just an example and I just scratched it out in about 5 minutes, so excuse the “draftiness.”

I recently watched Altered Carbon on Netflix. And I was so hooked on it that I can’t stop thinking of cool ways to incorporate some of it into my homebrew.

I’m constantly stealing inspiration from sources around me. A podcast I used to listen to ages ago turned me onto this website, TV Tropes. It has every permutation of every plot hook you could ever think of and some you never have. Since then, I’ve just been stealing from my environment.

I do not concern myself with coming up with an original idea. I don’t need pressure to deliver something my party has never seen. They’re just not those kind of people. They’re very easy to please, we have fun, and I’m not stressed.

I have in the past come up with some pretty cool ideas, like goblins who had kidnapped dryads and were peeling off their bark for amusement. Good times.

But even that wasn’t very original.

I suppose if this post were to have a point it would be this – steal it like you own it!

I’m particularly talking about role playing here…not actual stealing which is illegal.

Take those other ideas and make them your own. Skin monsters to fit. Change the name of a town in an adventure to make it fit your campaign. Make a few quick notes, and go to town!

I think I’m going to turn Beholder Fight Club into an adventure! Thanks for reading folks!!

TDM #08 Adventurers Campsite

It’s been a weary day of travel. You’ve travelled a league by horse, at least. You are weary from your pursuit of the goblin army. You have a suspicion their lair is close but where? Another 3 days travel from the nearest hamlet at least, you have difficulty keeping your eyes fixed on the road. To break your chase and pick it up in the morning, refreshed and alert? Or to continue on, potentially being caught unawares? What do you do?

Sandara Quinn, Dungeonmaster

Okay so she’s not really a Dungeon Master, but she definitely has the appearance thereof, which can be more than enough to get your start in this fantastic hobby.

When I began DMing back in mid 2012, D&D was in it’s much loathed 4th edition. I hadn’t played a game of D&D in about 10 years at that point and was gravely out of practice. I never had owned a book, never made my own character, and most certainly didn’t even own any dice.

I started small, with a good friend of mine who had played in the earlier 3.5 games a mutual friend ran. Fun was had – dwarves were tossed (something I’m told no one does), wolf companions were mind controlled and forcibly killed, Villains were born and loathed. It was truly the golden age of the hobby for me, despite the disdain people had for 4thed.

Come early 2013, I had sought out a FLGS some 35 miles away to play games with more people. I was hooked. The organizers of the time had everything you could imagine – from miniatures they would lend out, tons of dice if you needed it, pregenerated characters, and terrain pieces. They also had a metric fuck-ton of convention exclusives which they gave away as prizes at the end of each D&D Encounters “season.”

For a time, the store switched to the Pathfinder Society. Not something I enjoyed, as I felt the game penalized simple actions far too readily (taking opportunity attacks to drink a potion was not fun to me). Not to knock the game. It just wasn’t for me.

In the tail end of that year, WOTC announced their 5th edition playtest. I garbled that shit up immediately and really seriously got into dungeonmastering. A theme that became prevalent was that the regularity of my games, either as a player, or as a dungeonmaster began to wane. Folks started missing games. Games were cancelled. And the time in between sessions was considerably greater.

I became an in-store DM for a time, running 5th edition During the lead-up to the Tyranny of Dragons storyline. I ran the starter set for a table of 10 on a night when the normal DM for a second table was missing. It was the most fun I had ever had while being a dungeonmaster. It was thoroughly badass.

These days, my home group meets once every 2 months if we’re lucky. But I am blessed to be playing with at least two players I’ve known and gamed with for 10+ years, and another who I’ve gamed with for almost as long.

So, minuscule fanbase, what’s been your experience getting into this hobby? How has it affected your relationships with people? Gotten you out of yourself? Inspired creativity in you? Let me know in the comments below.